We are a Leading Manufacturers, Suppliers of Extruded Finned tubes and our tube quality was approved by domestic and international clients. We are exporting our finned tubes to Thailand, Malaysia and Dubai.

Aluminium extruded fin tubes is formed from a bi-metallic tube. Consisting of an aluminium outer core and an parent tube of almost any material. The fin is formed by rolling material from the outside of the exterior tube to give an integral fin. The extruded fin is manufactured by compressing an aluminium outer core tube onto the parent tube. The outer core tube is exposed to extremely high pressures which essentially "grows" the fins into the final fin profile. Maximum operating temperature for this fin type is 290�c. Base tube of extruded finned tubes can be ss, cs, corrosion resistance steel, copper, copper alloys.

We provides common sizes from 36mm , 50.8mm, 57mm FINNED OD of bimetal extruded fin tubes with 9 to 11 fpi, many special sizes in single-metal & bimetal extruded fin tubes are also available.

Extruded finned tubes are main devices for air coolers and the common application fields are:
� Heat exchangers for power plants ( electric, nuclear, thermal and geothermal power plants )
� Steam condensate systems
� Chemical and petrochemical industry
� Food processing plants and refrigeration technology
� Industrial ( steel mills, incinerators, gas compression facilities ).

At the heart of most HEFT heat exchanger�s technology, like in our famous line of GENERATOR COOLER and AIR COOLER, lies HEFT aluminium extruded finned tubes, the lead actors on which rests the efficiency and longevity of our units. Their particular design, mono or bimetal, provides great resistance (fin stiffness) as well as exceptional heat transfer characteristics (longevity, temperature, range, etc.). The mechanical bond joining liner tubes and aluminium wall offers superior durability and insures no corrosion occurs between the fins and the tubes, a key factor in permitting the delivery of the specified duty by your heat exchanger. Extend the lifetime of your exchangers and improve their efficiency and reliability by combining them with the best technology,