Heft Engineers are specialized in to design and manufacturing of AIR COOLED HEAT EXCHANGER, using in-house manufactured finned tubes.

These heat exchangers offer following advantages over other conventionl & crimped type finned tube Heat Exchangers.

  • • More surface area per square feet of heat exchanger
  • • Lower air resistance, resulting in less power to deliver the requires C.F.M.
  • • Reduction in number of tubes for given B.T.U. transfer per rate area, resulting in fuel saving
  • • Light weight easier handling
  • • More fins per inch can be incorporated on entire tube length

The combination of low friction air loses / high air velocity and maximum heat transfer per square feet of face area results in extremely high heating or cooling capacity of heat exchanger in a given space.

The company has its own fining facilities, where finned tubes with various configuration and in variety of materials are manufactured.

Available in 'G', 'L' plain & crimped configuration. The finned tubes can be assembled to performance requirement of your specific application. Typical industrial application where HEFT AIR COOLED HEAT EXCHANGERS are in operation.