Heft Engineers - established in 1994 by two technocrats having more than 20 years of experience in Thermal Heat Transfer Systems.

Pioneers in design & manufacture almost every thing related to Thermal Transfer Industry. Some of our major products include Spiral Wound Finned tubes, Integral Finned tubes, Process Gas Cooler,Air Heater , Air Cooled Heat Exchangers & varieties of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers., Dehumidifier, vessels & Other Heat Transfer equipments.

The basic objective of the company is to develop & manufacture critical technology products related to heat transfer industry, develop it indigenously & cater to global market , quality product economically viable.

We believe in : Designing optimum performing products suited to customer applications and requirements at competitive price backed by reliable service and Developing latest technology products and Continua up gradation in Quality and performance of existing products.

Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of

Finned Coils, Finned Tubes, Spiral Wound Finned Tubes, Integral Finned Tubes, G Type Finned Tubes, L Type Finned Tubes, Plain Wire Wound Finned Tubes, Crimped Type Finned Tubes, Finned Tube Heat Exchangers, Air Cooled Heat Exchangers, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Bayonet Tube Heat Exchangers, Fixed Tube Sheet Heat Exchangers, Duplex Heat Exchangers, Heat Exchangers made from Nickel, Heat Exchangers With Cladding, Pressure Vessels, Intercoolers, Aftercoolers, Thermic Fluid Radiators, Airpre Heaters, Gratings, Ladders (S.S/M.S), SS Platforms, Oil Coolers, Thermic Fluid Heaters, Air Heaters, Thermal Transfer Systems, Heat Transfer Systems, Steam Heaters

We design and manufacture as per international std such as ASME / TEMA

Our products can be seen operating in refineries & petrochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical, marine, steel & various process industries.
We have exported our products to Australia, New Zealand & Middle East countries, our Indian customers includes giants such as Reliance Industries, BARC, Thermax, ISPAT,Essar steel etc Besides We are among the very few in India to supply Air cooled heat exchangers & Air Heaters with in-home inning facilities.
Our facilities include a well equipped 15000 square feet factory manned by professional team comprising of trained and Qualified staff and operators.
Our Quality Control facilities include trained personnel and calibrated instruments.
Our products have been approved by reputed international bodies such as TUV, LIYOD, EIL (for IOTL), BV, SGS, Bax Counsel, Campro etc.